Spring and Summer Zodiac Boat Tours

Encounter majestic icebergs, whales, seabirds, and seals as you cruise the coast of the Great Northern Peninsula. Starting June 1, 2022, we offer daytime zodiac boat tours led by experienced guides eager to share their knowledge and tales of the sea.

Come For a Stay

At the end of the day, rest your legs and enjoy the cozy accommodations at Mayflower Inn & Cottages with well-appointed single and double rooms, or our family suite with a jacuzzi tub.

Take a look at our spring and summer zodiak boat tour packages below and book your next adventure today!

Haven’t got your sea legs? That’s okay! Regular bookings available all spring and summer long.

The Zodiac Boat Tour Package

There’s so much to sea!

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Package available from June 1 to September 30, 2021.


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Custom Spring and Summer Adventure Packages Available

To design a custom spring or summer adventure package or to get more information, contact us today

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Located in the town of Roddickton, just 3 hours from Gros Morne, Mayflower Adventures gives you incredible access to the scenic Great Northern Peninsula.

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