Guided Woodland Caribou Hunting

We offer guided archery and rifle caribou hunting on Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula. With few natural predators and an area that has been lightly hunted, chances for bagging a trophy animal are excellent. With a great knowledge of the remote hunting area, our guides know where and when to hunt for maximum success.

The Newfoundland Woodland Caribou

Did you know? Newfoundland and Labrador is the only place in the world where non-residents can hunt woodland caribou. After years of letting the local herd build up, the Newfoundland Department of Fish & Wildlife opened our local area for caribou hunting in 1998. Every year, you can hunt caribou from mid-September to the end of December. The woodland caribou are a type of North American deer from the same family as the Eurasian Reindeer. These caribou exist in other areas, but Newfoundland offers the best opportunity for a hunt. Our caribou (both male and female) are stockier with heavier antlers than barren ground caribou. Large males weigh approximately 600 pounds, and females are much smaller.

The Hunt

Hunters can choose to hunt caribou with either rifle or bow, depending on your preference. Skilled hunters may choose a crossbow, which requires a closer shot, while a rifle allows you to shoot at much further ranges. Always keep in mind though: Caribou have very poor eyesight, but they have an excellent sense of smell. When trying to get a closer shot, hunters should pay attention to the wind direction when stalking a caribou — no matter your hunting preference. Hunters can choose to be accompanied by their own personal guide (1:1 hunter to guide ratio) or a guide can be shared amongst two hunters (2:1 hunter to guide ratio).

Planning Your Trip Woodland caribou hunting season runs from mid-September to the end of October every year. Visit our Plan Your Trip page for details on what to bring, what to expect, and how to get here.

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