Get the most bang for your buck with our combination hunting and fishing packages! In the spring, we offer a “Cast and Blast” combination package where you can fish Atlantic salmon and hunt black bear during the same five-day package. If you'd prefer a fall combination package, you can choose two species to hunt (moose, black bear, and/or caribou), or go for the “Newfoundland Grand Slam”: moose, black bear, and caribou all in one hunt! All of our packages are six days long unless otherwise noted. Each package includes guide service, meals and trail lunches, accommodations, licenses, taxes and preparation of game for shipment. Explore our combination packages below to learn more!*

*All prices below are in US dollars. Package prices are all-inclusive. Rates may change. A 50% deposit is required to confirm a hunting package. The balance must be paid in cashier’s check or cash and must be paid 1 month prior to arrival. Deposit is non-refundable.


1. Cast and Blast

(5 day packages) 2/1 angler/hunter-guide ratio; Atlantic Salmon & Black Bear 1/1 angler/hunter-guide ratio; Atlantic Salmon & Black Bear


1. Moose & Black Bear

1-1 hunter-guide ratio

2. Moose & Caribou

1-1 hunter-guide ratio (trophy hunt)

3. Caribou & Black Bear

1-1 hunter-guide ratio

4. The Newfoundland Grand Slam:
Moose, Black Bear & Caribou

1-1 hunter-guide ratio 6 Day Hunt Non-hunting guest (additional fees apply) Accommodating partner while hunting (additional fees apply)

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Planning Your Trip Combination packages are available in spring and fall every year. Visit our Plan Your Trip page for details on what to bring, what to expect, and how to get here.

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