Welcome to Mayflower Outfitters

Located in the remote town of Roddickton on Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula, Mayflower Outfitters is home to some of the best moose, black bear, and caribou hunting in the world.

The Perfect Setting

Deep green forests, rolling hills, and a web of lakes, marshes and streamsmake this the perfect place for big game to roam and thrive.

Our Expert Guides

All of our guides are experienced, fully-licensed woodsmen who have been hunting the Newfoundland wilderness for years. Your guide can help you design your hunt to suit your particular needs.

Our Location

Mayflower Outfitters is located on the Great Northern Peninsula in Moose Management Unit 40. This area consists of 815 square miles of territory and is referred to as the Conche area.

Vast and beautiful, this fragment of the Great Northern Peninsula’s wilderness supports an incredibly large moose, black bear, and caribou population. In order to maintain large. stable herds for future hunting the government has an excellent game management program. It restricts the number of hunting licenses annually based on the number and sex of animals per hunting district.

This aids in maintaining a high probability of hunter success and preserves hunting opportunities for future generations.


Get off the beaten path and indulge in the hunting expedition you've always dreamed of.

Guided Hunts & Expeditions

Our expert guides have a deep appreciation and respect for the land and the wildlife that inhabit the area.

Accommodations at the Lodge

Hard days, soft nights

Built in 1991 and recently renovated, our lakefront lodge is masterfully constructed out of local balsam fir trees providing a private bath with a lakefront entrance built for the comfort of our guests.

Each guest has a semi-private room with a comfortable bed, and cell phone coverage is available. In the main living area, you’ll find a large, comfortable sitting and dining area with a fireplace.

Throughout your stay, a cook prepares a variety of delicious Newfoundland delicacies, right in the heart of the wilderness. Our kitchen team can accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions to make you feel right at home.

Breakfast and dinners are hot, hearty and nutritious. If you’re at the lodge during the day, hot lunches are available – and to-go lunches are prepared for a long day of hunting

Evenings are usually spent relaxing in front of a warm fire while enjoying your favourite beverage and telling stories of the day’s hunt. But don’t forget-morning comes early in these parts, so guests tend to limit most of those fireside beverages until their last night (if you know what we mean!).

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